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Matatabi (Silver Vine) Spray for Cats

Matatabi (Silver Vine) Spray for Cats

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Introducing Matatabi Spray for Cats - the ultimate treat for your feline friend! Crafted from the finest Matatabi plant extract, this spray is designed to captivate your cat's senses and provide hours of blissful entertainment.

Matatabi, also known as silver vine, is a natural herb that boasts irresistible properties which stimulate cats' senses. Silver vine is a good alternative to catnip, with 80% of cats responding positively to it, more than catnip.

Simply spray a fine mist of Matatabi Spray on your cat's favorite toys, scratching posts, or bedding, and watch as they become entranced by the invigorating aroma.

Whether your cat is feeling playful or in need of some relaxation, Matatabi Spray is the perfect solution. Encourage healthy scratching behavior, alleviate stress, and promote exercise with this all-natural, non-toxic formula.

According to a veterinarian reviews on PetMD.com, there is currently no evidence to suggest that silver vine is addictive. Similarly, catnip is also believed not to be addictive. Therefore, it is generally understood that cats cannot overdose on silver vine or catnip. However, excessive consumption of either may potentially lead to digestive issues. In moderation, both silver vine and catnip are considered safe for cats.

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless fun with Matatabi Spray for Cats. Give your furry friend the gift of joy and satisfaction today!

PLEASE NOTE: There are many fake knock-off products that look exactly the same, most of these are just diluted catnip. Please make sure (if you buy from us or elsewhere) that it is the Joycat Matatabi brand!

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