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Under Couch Stopper - Adhesive Toy Blocker Bumper (Individual Sections)

Under Couch Stopper - Adhesive Toy Blocker Bumper (Individual Sections)

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(Prefer a roll rather than individual sections? Need to cover a larger area? Check out Under Couch Stopper Roll)

Under Couch Blocker:  A versatile solution for maintaining a clean and organized living space. Crafted with premium PVC material, this blocker offers durability and practicality in one package.

Customize the length of the blocker effortlessly to suit your specific needs. Whether you have tile, vinyl, wood, or marble flooring, rest assured that this blocker seamlessly fits into your home decor.

Designed to keep pets, toys, debris, and dust from slipping under furniture, the Under Couch Blocker is suitable for sofas, beds, refrigerators, and more. Say goodbye to the frustration of inaccessible items under the sofa.

- Product Name: Under Couch Blocker
- Material: PVC
- Color: Clear
- Sizes:
  - A1: 20x3x6cm (7.9x1.2x2.4 inches)
  - A2: 25x3x6cm (9.8x1.2x2.4 inches)
  - A3: 28x3x6cm (11x1.2x2.4 inches)
  - A4: 40x3x6cm (15.7x1.2x2.4 inches)
  - A5: 40x4x8cm (15.7x1.6x3.1 inches)
  - A6: 40x4x12cm (15.7x1.6x4.7 inches)
  - A7: 30mmx3m (1.2 inches width, 9.8 feet length)

Each package contains either one blocker or one double-sided tape for easy installation.

Upgrade your home organization with the Under Couch Blocker and enjoy a clutter-free living space effortlessly!

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